Yesterday evening the CMMC 2018 Award Ceremony was held in the Aula Magna of the Society of Encouragement of Arts and Crafts, the historic center of civism and training in the city of Milan. Wind Tre won the second prize for the Best Customer Management Technology category.
The program of digitization of customer relationship processes, which Wind Tre created in collaboration with Almawave, proved successful in a context in which the impact of new technologies on the activity of front-end employees produces important effects that they range from the modalities of execution of the work performances to the overcoming of the organizational silos up to the possibility of guaranteeing a centrality of the client never so concrete.
In this scenario, in which People and Technologies design an entirely new Digital Workspace, Wind Tre has implemented a Speech Analytics platform that, through automatic transcription and semantic analysis of telephone conversations, allows it to have a precise picture of the interactions. performed, the quality of the service provided, the degree of customer satisfaction. Understanding the “customer voice” allows Wind Tre to identify areas for improvement in processes, particular latent criticalities, strengths and weaknesses of the organization, providing managers with objective data and KPIs with which to build a business strategy starting from the identified needs and opportunities.

Groupama won the third prize in the ChatBot & AI Customer Service category. This category, which CMMC has introduced for a couple of years in the Competition, rewards the best automatic messaging project that integrates artificial intelligence with human intelligence to ensure that services rendered to customers are easy to use and always available. The ASF Agent Service Floor application, created in collaboration with Almawave, provides the Groupama agency network with a timely and effective assistance service that simplifies access to the various company functions and allows better customer service, thanks to the use of innovative systems that enhance the multi-channel nature and index the requests according to targeted algorithms. Groupama agents use a unique control panel, “Iride ChannelHub”, which provides them with chat, audio and video channels – also via mobile app – to communicate with the Management and respond in real time to any needs emerging in the area. Some numbers? 850 Agencies, 1000 Agents, 5000 Web Users, 1000 Mobile Users, about 200,000 Chat / WEB Contacts per year.