Sicily was the most mentioned Region and two of its wines were among the top ten that generated most interest. Chianti topped the rankings, followed by Franciacorta and Barolo. Wine conquers social media, as revealed by the joint survey conducted by Gambero Rosso and Almawave, which inaugurate an innovation-fuelled partnership with this initiative.

Rome, 12 April 2017 – Wine conquers social media, especially if it is sparkling and organic. During the course of the Vinitaly exhibition, conversations over Twitter, Facebook and Google+ boomed: over 42 thousand were recorded (as at 13:00 today), with a peak of social media exchanges on Monday morning, the second day of the International Wine and Spirits Exhibition, which ends today in Verona. The hashtag #Vinitaly2017 was shared 20.750 times. The sentiment was extremely positive: close to 40%.

Chianti was the most mentioned wine and topped the top ten rankings. It collected 9% of the interest, followed by Franciacorta (6.4%), Barolo (3.9%), Pinot, Lambrusco, Trento DOC, Etna, Amarone, Valpolicella and Grillo. The Region that attracted most attention was Sicily (12%), followed by Apulia (10.6%), Veneto (7.7%), Tuscany (7.4%) and Sardinia (6.8%).

Among the wine types, sparkling wine dominated conversations with nearly 50% of the interest. Red wine stopped at 25%, rosé at 15.5% and white wine at 13.5%. Organic wine was the most prominent emerging trend, appearing with various terms including “bio”, “organic”, “vegan” and “green”. It was mentioned in 4% of the total interactions recorded, often associated with white wine (47%) and Sicilian wines (41%).

This was the situation recorded by the survey conducted by Gambero Rosso and Almawave on social media channels during the week of Vinitaly 2017. Europe’s largest food & wine publishing house and the technological innovation company of Almaviva, Italy’s leading ICT group in the agri-food sector, merged their respective skills to provide a global overview of social media content with regard to the topics, opinions and trends revolving around wine – one of Italy’s acknowledged excellences.

Thanks to the Almawave proprietary platform for analysing natural language and big data, the survey recorded all the interactions linked to the event from 3 April to today on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, in six languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. All the data collected was analysed quantitatively, while the sentiment was assessed through Twitter, the interactions of which accounted for 98% of the total.

The results of the survey confirm the constant and widespread interest in the food and wine sector, where “Made in Italy” quality shines best. Gambero Rosso has been explaining and promoting this heritage daily for over thirty years, through publishing activities, events, training and consulting. This leadership is also recognised internationally.

Meanwhile, the social media analysis linked to Vinitaly 2017 marks the start of the partnership project between Almawave and Gambero Rosso, which aims to promote Italian food and wine, its realities, culture and perception.

Thanks to this collaboration, an established sector leadership merges with distinctive technological expertise to sustain – in an innovative way – the growth of an excellency in the agri-food sector, which is so important to Italy’s economy.