Almawave enriches the platform of multi-channel automatic comprehension of voice and textual interactions with the customer: the new functions were presented today at the CMI conference on “Speech & Text Analytics”.

Milan, 22nd June 2017 – Communicating with an intelligent alter ego that listens, understands and answers both via telephone and e-mail, via chat line or social app. Thanks to this form of multimodal interaction, each customer can submit requests in natural language, moving beyond navigation through traditional IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems. In addition, the textual dialogue is both effective and decisive. Each question is answered instantly and usefully, even with interactive dialogue, thanks to the new functions of Iride® Wavebot, the Almawave platform active in over 25 languages.

What emerges is a comprehensive and innovative conversation module geared towards guaranteeing end-to-end management of processes and transactions on all contact channels – text or voice, assisted or direct. Consequently, the dialogue with the customer evolves from a rigid tree of pre-defined answers to a conversation guided by the specific requests. The experience is both straightforward and consistent across all contact methods.

Almawave presented the new module that further integrates the conversation intelligence platform, Iride® Customer Centric Suite, during the “Speech & Text Analytics” workshop organised by CMI and held in Milan today. This innovative technology combines real-time voice recognition functions with the ability to comprehend language.

Iride® Wavebot completes the solutions of the Almawave platform, which allows for having a fully integrated customer engagement centre based on the use of natural language, besides an all-round (text and voice) comprehension of the “Voice of the Customer” on all contact channels, for an efficient and high-quality operational governance.