A partnership agreement between Almawave and OverIT with integrated technologies to revolutionise the world of on-field interventions

Rome, 15 January 2018 – Almawave and OverIT announce the stipulation of a partnership agreement involving the integration of technologies based on the use of voice commands and predictive analysis to manage maintenance interventions. The functions of the Geocall WFM solution by OverIT are now enriched by the Iride proprietary platform and by the Almawave speech recognition solutions.

The applications thus evolve from reporting tools into an intelligent aid for rapidly and easily finding the right information, to timely enter data and interventions and simplify working life. This thanks to the power of automatic transcription and artificial intelligence voice commands for classification purposes, automatic interaction and fast searches.

‘The mission of Almawave technologies, designed as people-centred solutions – commented Valeria Sandei, the CEO of Almawave – is to create innovative, easy-to-use solutions based on natural language. Our satisfaction culminates when we observe how the integration of the Iride platform enriches the products of other companies and improves peoples’ work procedures, by simplifying processes and enhancing know-how and skills.

Geocall WFM by OverIT is a field service management product designed to manage activities on the field, monitor the work of operators in real time, and organise the processes, implementation and schedules of interventions. Until now, personnel engaged in activities entered information manually into mobile devices, often hampered by gloves and work tools. But now, thanks to the Almawave technologies, they can exploit the advantages of voice commands to transmit information to the system using their voice alone, thus operating in ‘hands-free’ mode. This enables them to easily find the correct contents to perform their activities, and to easily and instantly classify every intervention completed in a timely and comprehensive manner.

‘We have always supported the simplification of field applications’, comments Marco Zanuttini, the CEO & Chairman of OverIT, ‘the collaboration with Almawave marks an important step towards this goal, as it enables our users to operate in “hands-free” mode, without having to interrupt their current activities’.

The voice command automatically activates both the processes for receiving information and – thanks to the semantic motor – those for archiving and categorising the same information. In turn, this allows for creating a shared knowledge base and experience memory, which can help operators to identify and resolve any technical problems quickly and autonomously. Moreover, it allows for detecting similar and recurrent situations, speeding up the interventions and implementing advanced predictive maintenance processes.

In other words, it is an authentic revolution that transforms field service management instruments from reporting aids to intelligent assistants.