Conversational Platform & Natural Language Interactive Voice Response. Almawave attends the CMI Customer Service Conference

The Conference promoted by Customer Management Insights and dedicated to Customer Service is due to take place in Milan on 1st March, and will be repeated on a lesser scale on two further dates in Florence and Rome.

The most innovative organisations in all sectors are those capable of actively listening to the voices of customers and citizens alike on a daily basis throughout the so-called customer journey, the voyage between a request for information regarding services or the purchasing of goods, support or assistance. Each of these phases marks a stage which requires very careful management, in order to understand the most diverse expectations and respond to them in real time, identifying and developing increasingly innovative and efficient services.

Managing a contact centre with over 500 million contacts a year at a global level has led the AlmavivA Group to implement and propose innovative solutions to enhance communication between the company and its customers at all times.

key strength lies in the implementation of Almawave proprietary people-centred technology, based on the comprehension of natural language and the interactions expressed through the various traditional contact channels and on social media.

Raffaella Boldini, Information Management & Presales Manager at Almawave, will be giving a talk at the Customer Service Conference, entitled “Customer Service 4.0. Capire per semplificare. Capire per agire” (“Understanding to simplify. Understanding to act”).

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