The CEO, Valeria Sandei, will attend the AI conference involving experts in artificial intelligence from the private and public sectors, civil society, the academic world and research institutes.

Almawave will attend the conference on artificial intelligence scheduled for tomorrow in Montreal, in the context of Canada’s G7 presidency. The event, involving multiple stakeholders, was decided by the Ministers of Labour and Innovation of the world’s 7 most industrialised countries and is dedicated to emerging technologies and the prospects of digital economy.

The conference – to be held during the NIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems) week, the leading international event on machine learning and AI – aims to promote the debate among the world’s foremost experts to reach a shared vision and assess the responsible adoption of artificial intelligence technologies, in order to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Valeria Sandei and Raniero Romagnoli, respectively the CEO and CTO of Almawave, will represent the technological innovation company of the Italian group AlmavivA. For over a decade, Almawave has been focusing on artificial intelligence in the field of NLP (Natural Language Processing), namely the elaboration of written and oral natural language as a key for accessing services, in both the consumer and enterprise sectors, in order to improve performances, optimise processes and aid decision-making. Almawave technologies are able to apply AI to several sensitive contexts, such as medical or legal transcriptions, sectors in which the margin of error must be very low or zero, leaving man to operate in higher value-added activities with supervision and control functions.