A.I. applied to the elaboration of natural language, both written and spoken, opens up new opportunities. These opportunities will be illustrated at the Green Economy Report by Valeria Sandei, CEO of Almawave, among Italy’s major players in speech and text recognition technologies.

It’s no coincidence that she has received the Le Fonti Awards 2018 prize for CEO of the year in innovation, leadership and innovative solutions for the customer experience. Valeria Sandei is the Chief Executive Officer of Almawave, a company of the AlmavivA Group, among Italy’s major players with an international dimension in the big data and customer experience sectors, with operating branches in Italy (Rome, Milan, Florence, Trento), Brazil (Sao Paolo, Belo Horizonte) and the United States (San Francisco). Since 2008, Almawave has been developing people-centred technological solutions that allow companies and consumers to interact more easily, smoothly and effectively.

“Almawave’s mission is to create innovative, easy-to-use solutions that put people in the centre, by implementing artificial intelligence technologies”, explained Valeria Sandei.

What is Almawave’s guiding concept in the evolution of the Customer Experience?

“Ever since its foundation, the company has focused its attention and investments on creating proprietary A.I. technologies and multi-channel solutions, arranged in a platform, Iride, which currently has 12 integrated modules operating in 30 languages. Iride offers solutions for both the human and automated management of contacts, based on a single integrated and multi-channel front-end that assists the operator, generating an advanced and decisive Customer Experience. Moreover, the innovative potential of Almawave allows for attaining a comprehensive strategic vision of the customer experience, for each company management unit, besides top-quality information tailored to the everyone’s needs and highlighting the data and work flows consistently with the simplest human tool – speech – as a key to interpreting the Customer Intent”.