In recent years the way people interact has changed and evolved. To tackle an increasingly complex market landscape, businesses have invested in new technological drivers. Some companies have introduced advanced Customer Engagement tools to improve communication with customers; others have invested in big data & analytics for a precise and accurate interpretation of information.

The variety of technologies implemented and the presence of systems and logic which are often outdated in a company affect business results in terms of the ability to interact effectively with the customer and to achieve a full and coherent understanding of marketing, sales and operational dynamics.

This topic will be discussed throughout Customer Service Conference 2019 – the fourth edition of the event – held by Customer Management Insight in Milan on 27th March.

Michele Albertini will be attending the round table at 12.00 and bringing with him Almawave’s innovative vision, which introduces the simplest of human “instruments” as a strategic transformation driver: conversation, our natural language. This is within an approach which considers Artificial Intelligence to be the engine capable of redefining the boundaries of Customer Service applications, leading to a growing awareness of the opportunities offered by “virtual experience”.

“Make it simple”, suggests Almawave: conversation is the simple and intuitive key to the evolution of customer experience and the implementation of effective business strategies and actions.