A turnover of 21.3 million Euro (+33% vs 2018; 2017-2019 Cagr 24%), Ebitda at 6.2 million (+13% vs 2018; 2017-2019 Cagr 23%) and a net profit of 2.3 million (+5% vs 2018; 2017-2019 Cagr 33%): these are the main financial figures for Almawave (AlmavivA Group) in 2019. Operating mainly in Italy and Brazil, the company is now focusing on increasing the efficiency of its company processes, improving digital relations with customers and the public and gathering valuable information from data management.

“In 2019 we acquired more than 30 new customers in Italy and overseas, especially in the Finance, Utility and central and local Public Administration sectors,” states Valeria Sandei, Almawave CEO. In the last few weeks we have offered an instant response to the new requirements of PAs and businesses, broadening the application of cutting-edge technologies that are transforming the activity content and digital interaction of home working into company assets while helping to make automation a stimulus for service and quality.”

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