The vision of Almawave, the technological innovation company in the AlmavivA Group, introduces the simplest of human instruments as a strategic transformation driver: natural language. Between the lines of text like through the voice, the power of the word can lead to a new, multi-channel experience – self and assisted – coherent and effective, and provide management with a complete and accurate vision of the “voice of the customer”. Thanks to Iride®: the Almawave product suite for customer centric strategy that supports more than 30 languages.

Today, we expand the potential of Iride® Wavebot, one of the Suite components dedicated to Smart Interaction: a conversational layer to interact in natural language, through the use of artificial intelligence, on an omni-channel (IVR for voice, chatbot for text) and multi-device system capable of integrating with other existing solutions and platforms, to strengthen the corporate cognitive system, exploiting the technological investments that have already been made.

Flexible and dynamic so it can evolve over time based on business logic, the Iride® Wavebot conversational platform ensures that your Customer Care service will always be available on any contact channel, with a clear improvement in customer-perceived quality, thanks to quick and effective communication.

Go to the Iride® Wavebot website for more information and discover the Iride® world.