Cutting-edge Automatic Speech Recognition for communication in natural language, cost reduction in customer operations processes through self-caring contact channels, simple integration with Natural Language Understanding motors through spoken word recognition systems developed over neural networks, machine learning-based optimization of linguistic models, high-performance infrastructure, scalability and always-on reliability. PerVoice, with these drivers of innovation, now has a new web space.

For over twenty years, the company (controlled by Almawave – AlmavivA Group and with FBK – Fondazione Bruno Kessler as a shareholder) has been developing enterprise software for spoken word voice recognition in over thirty languages, in the context of an innovation ecosystem consisting of projects and partnerships with leading research bodies, universities and technological institutes in Italy and overseas.

It is an Italian leader on the international Automatic Speech Recognition scene, basing its work on technologies that preserve human awareness when it comes to nuances of language which cannot be detected by machines. This is borne out by its partnership with the European Parliament for transcription and translation of speeches in real time and its recent work with PoliMI in new studies on health and safety for the over-50s in the context of the European WorkingAge project.

Need further details? Visit the new PerVoice web space.