Italian artificial intelligence that extracts value from Big Data

Every day Internet users produce 2,500 quintillion bytes globally. This is a gigantic amount of data and it continues to grow. The rapid growth of digitalization contributes to increasing it day by day. A universe of information. Useless if left unexplored, of great value if understood, analyzed, classified and transformed into knowledge. Moreover, the pandemic has considerably boosted the need to digitalize processes. The correct and optimal use of open data and big data is of crucial importance today for the public administration and for businesses.

Data are the new oil, they say. But just like oil, they have to be extracted from deep down before they can be refined and used. This is where artificial intelligence plays a big part, and even more so vertical AI. Thanks to sophisticated tools for analyzing natural language, the most valuable and widespread means. Being able to answer with natural language questions that demand an advanced understanding of speech itself, contextualized to the company domain, and the capacity to ask questions by heterogeneous systems. This is what Almawave does.

“It is estimated that 70 percent of information in documentary systems and company repositories cannot be used automatically, both in the financial and insurance sectors but also in the services, health and, in general, public administration sectors. With the aid of AI and information analysis tools, this data of enormous value can support the offer of services,” declared Valeria Sandei, the CEO of Almawave, when interviewed by MF Milano Finanza.

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