Common front in AI: the operation with the startup formed at La Sapienza University and specialized in advanced management of corporate data has been formalized.

“An investment in skills that strengthen our know-how and opens up new challenges and opportunities for us” Almawave CEO Valeria Sandei points out.

Rome, 26 January 2021 – Almawave, Italian leader in AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies and services applied to Big Data and understanding written and spoken natural language, announces that they have acquired the majority of shares in OBDA Systems, an innovative startup created out of Rome’s La Sapienza University which offers products and solutions with high technological value to extract key information from complex and large datasets.

This is a strategic operation which allows Almawave to expand the range of proprietary solutions connected to language and Big Data technologies in support of companies and Local Government.

OBDA Systems, established in 2017 by professors and researchers from La Sapienza, designers of Ontology based Data Management (OBDM), perfects advanced solutions for the representation of data knowledge and management. The paradigm of OBDM, from which the startup takes its name, is characterized by methods and instruments to access, integrate and analyze the quality of data in the area of managing corporate information system processes.

The acquisition of OBDA Systems establishes the addition of Raniero Romagnoli, Almawave CTO, to the startup’s Board of Directors, covering the role of Chief Executive Officer. Confirmed as Chairman is Maurizio Lenzerini, Professor of Computer Engineering and leader of the DASILab group at La Sapienza University, of which the startup founders are members.

“We are convinced that the acquisition of OBDA Systems is an extraordinary opportunity for both organizations”, Almawave Chief Executive Officer, Valeria Sandei, remarked. “As of today, Almawave will be able to draw from further valuable resources applied to semantics technologies, which are based on the know-how and cutting-edge research pursued by the startup and its talented young staff. It is precisely for them that Almawave, as majority shareholder in the company, guarantees support and new growth opportunities. It is with investments like these that we ceaselessly continue our path of consolidation aimed at strengthening know-how, skills and innovation daily in order to best meet the important challenges faced by customers and the market.”

OBDA Systems Chairman, professor Lenzerini, adds: “In the current context where data represents an invaluable asset for complex organizations, the OBDM paradigm integrates perfectly with artificial intelligence technologies, particularly for the automatic understanding of natural language, in which Almawave excels. I am convinced that the union that has just been formalized will stimulate and drive an important and qualified presence of our startup in the world of systems for data engineering and analysis, not only on a national level.”

Almawave is a company in the AlmavivA Group, an Italian leader in the Information & Communication Technology sector.