The Company

We are the Italian leading player in artificial intelligence e natural language analysis. We bring forward best-of-breed technologies and exhaustive Big Data-oriented services to support the digital enhancement of enterprises and public administrations. Over 220 professionals, with solid technological and business skills. Dedicated technology labs. A constantly growing global presence, with 6 offices in Italy, 2 in Brazil, and 1 in the US. A strong network of scientific and market-leading partnerships.




Our target is to make the digital transformation process real in everyday life, through a model of natural experience within the human-machine interaction.

We enhance knowledge and simplify services, operationalizing the potential of artificial intelligence within complex contexts, implementing state-of-the-art technological assets and remarkable expertise in the field of Big Data.

An R&D core

Continuous investments in R&D for best-of-breed technological assets: Natural Language Processing, Automatic Speech Recognition, Omnichannel Conversational Platform. The integration of technologies within suites of advanced products to understand text and voice in over 30 languages, easily interact over any communication channels, analyze data and information, navigate knowledge.

Customer centricity

The enhancement of customer business is at the center of our strategy. Distinguishing professional skills on enabling technologies and major frameworks - Architecture AI, Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, Open Data – and a deep knowledge of the main industries’ business processes enable us to operationalize, make tangible and measurable the potential artificial intelligence offers, also in the most complex environments.
Moving from technology to solutions.

International vision to keep growing

A steady customer base with operations in over 15 Countries globally. Solid investments to look far away. Technologies “natively” global, interpreting voice and text in over 30 languages. A wide platform of products with more than 10 integrated modules, supporting multiple industry needs; solid track record and network of international partners steadily growing.

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