The power of natural language for new multi-channel processes and the interpretation of the voice of the customer

A smart, digital citizen-oriented administration

Almawave is a partner of administrations in digital innovation services: portals, web applications, mobile apps, big data, open data

Speech & Text Analytics

Your business KPIs at your fingertips

Smart City Control Platform

Understanding the citizen, the city, improving the Smart City service models

Customer Management

8,000 workstation managed

Unique, integrated, multi-channel front-end, an intuitive and automated solution that uses natural language and assists the operator for an excellent customer experience

Conversational Platform

Text and voice

Smart automation enabling customers to manage their own needs

+50 reports mention Almawave

Surveyed by Gartner and the best analysts on Speech Analytics, Text Analytics & Customer Experience Applications

Almawave acquires the majority of OBDA Systems

“An investment in skills that strengthen our know-how and opens up new challenges and opportunities for us” CEO Valeria Sandei points out

Almawave streamlines bureaucracy with Big Data

They explain in the Corriere della Sera

Almawave: turnover up 33% in the first 9 months of 2020

Third-quarter earnings totaled 18 million Euro, with EBITDA at 4 million Euro.

Tomorrow speaks 30 languages

the CEO of Almawave, Valeria Sandei, talks to Forbes Italia

Vertical AI to help companies take the digital leap

Italian artificial intelligence that extracts value from Big Data. The CEO Valeria Sandei talks to MF Milano Finanza

International Day of Disabled Persons

The appeal of the Disability Pride Network to institutions and to civil society

A New Translation AI to Translated Debates in Real-Time, Provided by Translated, FBK, and PerVoice

At the European Parliament speeches will be transcribed and translated by a new state-of-the-art Machine Translation system that keeps humans in the loop to preserve the nuances of each idiom

Almawave representative vendor for speech-to-text solutions

Almawave included in Gartner’s Market Guide for Speech-to-Text Solutions of 22 April 2020

The solution for Smart Working Automation

“Coronavirus: what is the sentiment of Italians?”

The current emergency through the results of a social analysis carried ou.t by Almawave on Twitter and Instagram interactions in the period 24th Feb-26th March

Almawave: turnover up 33 percent

Full speed ahead with “quality” digital. CEO Valeria Sandei on CorCom.

The easiest of all human tools.
The word.

The natural language to transform customer experience

Business Need

Business need-oriented solutions: a new vision for sales, marketing, operations, quality management, compliance


Bring the new customer experience paradigm to companies and public administrations

Iride® Suite

Voice, text & data: the power of natural language to transform enterprise processes

Understand & act: a holistic model of continuous innovation to transform information governance and customer experience

Our «agile» and modular approach to exploit the power of natural language, providing value to Iride® platform potential over processes in a consistent and long-lasting progression throughout time.
The simplicity of language leads to a new consistent and effective multi-channel experience, providing the Management with a complete and correct vision over the customer journey.

Conversation for new strategies and business actions

Understand, manage, evolve

+30 supported languages

A technology close to the person to offer quality solutions in real time.

Iride® Customer Centric Suite represents a new technological frontier for multi-channel customer-enterprise interaction management, as well as real-time understanding of needs and concept-based navigation of information and data.

Technology that makes the difference

Understand the voice of the customer and create a simple and decisive customer experience

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