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Customer centric strategy

Digital transformation, evolution of analysis tools and new features offered by Artificial Intelligence have defined new customer relation patterns, enabling new, more integrated and accessible engagement models.

The challenge

Customer journey analysis it the transformation core: only an integrated reading of business information can offer a consistent customer experience over multiple, physical and digital channels, making the achievement of operational excellence easier.
Almawave encourages new strategies of loyalty and customer retention for a customer expectation-oriented offering in a very dynamic industry, through multi-channel, mobile and artificial intelligence technologies.
A new generation of customer analytics for a proactive one-to-one marketing and engagement model that enhances human contact and effectively introduces automation.
The main Almawave solutions for the Telco & Media market, for real-time analysis of customer needs expressed in natural language, are:

  • Knowledge Management enriched by advanced content editing capabilities to streamline content management and search
  • Text Analytics for real-time understanding and classification of customer needs, expressed on the various contact channels
  • Speech Analytics for complete transcription of operator and customer interactions
  • Automatic speech recognition, text mining and AI technologies to optimize multichannel customer engagement.

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