Mar 03, 2021

CLIC-IT 2020: Almawave at the Seventh Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics

Today marks the end of the CLIC-IT 2020 Seventh Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics, the AILC event - Associazione Italiana di Linguistica Computazionale (Italian Association of Computational Linguistics), during which...


Mar 01, 2021

“AI lets the general public access local government services easily using natural language”: CEO Valeria Sandei at the microphones of ETA BETA on Rai Radio1

“Artificial Intelligence lets the general public access local government services easily using natural language”, explains Valeria Sandei, Almawave CEO, at the microphones of ETA BETA, a Rai Radio1 radio show...


Feb 18, 2021

Almawave: new brand identity. A wave in the AI universe

“The value and energy of innovation in the new logo. An idea of continuous evolution in support of the competitiveness of enterprises and local government”, Almawave CEO Valeria Sandei emphasizes...


Gen 26, 2021

Almawave acquires the majority of OBDA Systems

> Common front in AI: the operation with the startup formed at La Sapienza University and specialized in advanced management of corporate data has been formalized. “An investment in skills...


Gen 18, 2021

Almawave streamlines bureaucracy with Big Data”: they explain in the Corriere della Sera

Artificial intelligence from Almawave applied to Big Data simplifies the relationship with Local Government for all us citizens. The article in Corriere della Sera talks about how much technology streamlines...


Gen 15, 2021

Almawave: turnover up 33% in the first 9 months of 2020

Third-quarter earnings totaled 18 million Euro, with EBITDA at 4 million Euro. “The sectors we operate in are definitely expanding and growing, both in Italy and globally,” underlines the CEO,...


Gen 08, 2021

Tomorrow speaks 30 languages: the CEO of Almawave, Valeria Sandei, talks to Forbes Italia

What’s the potential of AI? The major issues today are health and the public administration: “With the AI solutions by Almawave, we can speed up all digital transformation projects for...


Dic 18, 2020

“Vertical AI to help companies take the digital leap”. The CEO of Almawave, Valeria Sandei, talks to MF Milano Finanza

Italian artificial intelligence that extracts value from Big Data Every day Internet users produce 2,500 quintillion bytes globally. This is a gigantic amount of data and it continues to grow....


Dic 03, 2020

International Day of Disabled Persons: the appeal of the Disability Pride Network to institutions and to civil society

The International Day of Disabled Persons will be celebrated today and tomorrow: associations, bodies, companies and citizens of the various countries adhering to the Disability Pride Network launch an appeal...


Nov 30, 2020

Artificial intelligence, the new frontier of conversational agents: the CEO of Almawave, Sandei, interviewed by Wired

Is AI close to creating intelligent automations capable of answering our questions with human reasoning? In the enterprise world the challenge is open and revolves around AI: the Almawave case....


Nov 09, 2020

Artificial intelligence for digital voice transformation: visit the new PerVoice web space

Cutting-edge Automatic Speech Recognition for communication in natural language, cost reduction in customer operations processes through self-caring contact channels, simple integration with Natural Language Understanding motors through spoken word recognition...


Ott 27, 2020

Almawave Artificial Intelligence and Conversational Platform in tomorrow’s webinar

“A virtual assistant to improve the omnichannel experience in the insurance field” Customer experience is the competitive stimulus for the new way of doing business: consumers require increasingly personalized, punctual...


Ott 14, 2020

Focus on: Iride® Wavebot, the integrated text-voice conversational platform for interaction in natural language

The vision of Almawave, the technological innovation company in the AlmavivA Group, introduces the simplest of human instruments as a strategic transformation driver: natural language. Between the lines of text...


Ott 01, 2020

The Polytechnic University of Milan with PerVoice to improve occupational health and safety conditions

The WorkingAge European project introduces innovative studies and advanced voice and emotion recognition technologies to assist workers. The aim? To improve the quality of life and wellbeing on the workplace...


Set 22, 2020

“Speech Translation and the Future of NLP”: H18 PerVoice at the PI Campus web conference, CEO Paravento on Radio24

The appointment with Natural Language Processing is at 6 PM, in a web conference that will bring together some of the major experts on the subject. For the AlmavivA group,...


Set 03, 2020

AlmavivA named in Gartner’s Market Guide for Customer Management BPO Service Providers

According to the report, “nearly 60 vendors were invited to participate in this research and 36 vendors were shortlisted based on their service portfolio in the CM BPO market segment,...


Ago 04, 2020

European Parliament: A New Translation AI to Translated Debates in Real-Time, Provided by Translated, FBK, and PerVoice

Speeches will be transcribed and translated by a new state-of-the-art Machine Translation system that keeps humans in the loop to preserve the nuances of each idiom. A consortium composed of...


Lug 24, 2020

“Artificial and digital intelligence: innovation to restart and grow”: Valeria Sandei interviewed by Class CNBC

“From health to tourism, the digital world can be the driving force of the restart and artificial intelligence is a primary lever for bringing efficiency, simplicity and easy access to...


Lug 20, 2020

Machine Learning, Optimization, Data Science: the Almawave experience at LOD2020 through 23 July

Yesterday marked the opening of the sixth edition of the ICAS Conference on Machine Learning, Optimization, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence. ICAS is the international studies center that invited a...


Lug 10, 2020

Almawave CEO Valeria Sandei’s testimony at the Elis JC Summer School

Competence, empathy, commitment, determination, growth from mistakes and teamwork “Results are achieved as a team. Individual excellence is important - the idea that can make the difference - but true...


Lug 03, 2020

Forum PA 2020: AlmavivA Group partners digital regions

6 days, 100 streamed events, 300 speakers: “Forum PA”, commencing on July 6, presents itself as one of the most significant events on the Italian scene, a huge online platform...


Giu 12, 2020

Almawave recognized in Gartner’s April 2020 Market Guide Gartner for Speech-to-Text Solutions

Almawave (consisting of Almawave do Brasil, Almawave USA, and PerVoice) is recognized as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s (*) Market Guide for Speech-to-Text Solutions, by Anthony Mullen, Bern Elliot, and...


Giu 11, 2020

“Closing the gap and investing in an economy permeated with digital technology”: Almawave CEO Valeria Sandei interviewed on “Obiettivo Italia. Idee per ripartire”

“The #Covid19 emergency has led to a significant acceleration on the digital culture front, throughout the whole of society. Digital technology has shown itself to be a resource for inclusion,...


Mag 28, 2020

The “Iride” universe: the platform that changes the customer experience.

The Almawave solution offers a complete series of functions for getting a better understanding of the customer and optimizing multichannel interactions. The ability to create personalized and engaging experiences is...


Mag 27, 2020

PerVoice at the Career Fair 2020

Today PerVoice meets graduates and students at the Career Fair, which this year the University of Trento will propose in virtual mode. A company part of Almawave, within the AlmavivA...


Mag 27, 2020

How to (re)start business with data virtualization: Almawave a partner of the TIBCO Virtual Talk Show of May 28th

Among the major Italian players in speech & text recognition technologies applied to customer experience management and advanced analytics, Almawave will feature after tomorrow at the Virtual Talk Show promoted...


Mag 13, 2020

AlmavivA Group signs Disability Pride Network Common Charter

The Disability Pride Network Common Charter has been created. AlmavivA, Almawave and PerVoice, as partners of Disability Pride, the international network promoting the civil rights of people with disabilities and...


Mag 07, 2020

Artificial Intelligence a strategic tool driving recovery”. Almawave CEO Valeria Sandei on CorCom

The Coronavirus pandemic has sent the digitalization of processes and activities into turbo mode, involving even the businesses and consumers that until now had been most resistant to this innovation....


Apr 16, 2020

Almawave: turnover up 33 percent. Full speed ahead with “quality” digital. CEO Valeria Sandei on CorCom

A turnover of 21.3 million Euro (+33% vs 2018; 2017-2019 Cagr 24%), Ebitda at 6.2 million (+13% vs 2018; 2017-2019 Cagr 23%) and a net profit of 2.3 million (+5%...


Mar 30, 2020

“Coronavirus, here’s the Italian sentiment”. The story of the emergency in Almawave’s social research

Fear, sadness, hope. These are the pandemic keywords that Almawave gathered in a complex social research on states of mind, described by our fellow citizens during Covid-19. Made with an...


Gen 29, 2020

Customer experience boosted by text-voice technologies

According to the Almawave CEO: "Making it easier to design new ways of interacting with customers makes the company structure more efficient and helps to map out a progressive lift...


Nov 18, 2019

Valeria Sandei interviewed by

Marketing, caring and sales to stand the test of digital innovation: it's time for everything to come together Data analysis, Artificial Intelligence and algorithms for understanding natural language and listening...


Nov 12, 2019

Almawave Natural Language Processing at 2019 from tomorrow in Bari

Almawave is silver sponsor of the sixth edition of the annual conference organized by the Italian Association for Computational Linguistics (AILC). The conference will have a highly inclusive spirit and...


Ott 28, 2019

PerVoice Technology: real-time subtitles for inclusion

The City of Rome, Generali, RAI and SKY Italia have chosen subtitling systems from an Almawave subsidiary company to make their electronic content available to everyone Rome, October 28, 2019...


Ott 11, 2019

Almawave do Brasil receives the XIX PrêmioABT Award in the Innovatio & Technology Solutions category with the project Iride® Speech Analytics Real Time

São Paulo, 10th October 2019 Almawave do Brasil receives the XIX PrêmioABT Award in the Innovation and Technology Solutions category, with the project “Iride® Speech Analytics Real Time”, implemented by...


Set 13, 2019

European Business Awards 2019, 12th September 2019

Almawave has been named ‘National Winner’ in the 2019 European Business Awards, one of the world’s largest business competitions. It was chosen from 2,753 businesses named as ‘Ones to Watch’...


Set 11, 2019

LOD2019 – The Fifth International Conference on Machine Learning, Optimization, and Data Science, Certosa di Pontignano, Siena, 10th – 13th September 2019

From 10th to 13th September the Certosa of Pontignano di Siena hosts the LOD2019 - The Fifth International Conference on Machine Learning, Optimization, and Data Science. An Interdisciplinary Conference: Machine...


Set 11, 2019

Gianluca Liparoti interviewed by It’s All CIO & Technology

Interviewed by It’s All CIO & Technology, Almawave Executive Manager for Business Development & Alliance in the Enterprise and Public Administation sectors, Gianluca Liparoti, describes the impacts onto contact centers...


Set 04, 2019

Valeria Sandei interviewed by AI4Business

Artificial Intelligence today represents an undeniable driver to improve operations efficiency (through process transformation) and business growth opportunies (through business model innovation). Valeria Sandei, CEO at Almawave, global company delivering...


Lug 30, 2019

Almawave sponsors the 57th Annual Meeting of Association for Computational Linguistics

From 28th July to 2nd August Florence Fortezza da Basso Conference Center hosts the 57th Annual Conference of the Association for Computational Linguistics, the premier international scientific association for computational...


Lug 18, 2019

ACDL2019 – 2nd Advanced Course on Data Science & Machine Learning, Pontignano di Siena, 15th-19th July 2019

From 15th through 19th July, the Certosa of Pontignano di Siena hosts the 2nd Advanced Course on Data Science & Machine Learning, where scientists and industry experts talk about the...


Lug 08, 2019

Together for Disability Pride Italia 2019

  Press Conference on 8th July to officially launch the Disability Pride Italia 2019, the colourful rally organized by and for people with disabilities, which will take place on 14th...


Lug 04, 2019

Forbes Leader: the interview on the Cloud to Valeria Sandei, Almawave CEO and AlmavivA Group Head of the Strategic Marketing Dept.

“Multicloud is our challenge: an extraordinary enabler for enterprises and Public Administrations, and it is a strategic issue in the enhancement process of the Digital Transformation” declared Almawave CEO and...


Giu 28, 2019

Almawave do Brasil awarded the Prêmio CIC Brasil ClienteSA 2019

Almawave do Brasil received the bronze in the CIC Brasil ClienteSA 2019 Award as “Best Project of technological support”. TheCIC Brasil Cliente SA Award represents the Brazilian version of the...


Giu 26, 2019

Almawave, nominated for the LT-Innovation Technology Award 2019, was awarded the prize in the Outstanding Innovation & Technological Excellence Category

The awarding ceremony took place at the end of The Sound of Intelligence Summit dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, organized in Brussels on 24th-25th June by the Language Technology Industry Association,...


Mag 17, 2019

In Trento, solvers take to the field on May 17th and 18th

Chatbots & Natural Language IVR: the Almawave experience to aid the Open Data Trentino HackaBot 2019 Open Data Trentino HackaBot 2019, the programming marathon promoted by the Autonomous Province of...


Apr 01, 2019

Valeria Sandei, Almawave CEO, receives Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology Leadership Award for Customer Management BPO – Europe

Rome, 1 April 2019 – Almawave, among Italy’s leading companies in the development of speech recognition & natural language processing technologies applied to customer experience management and advanced analytics, was...


Mar 25, 2019

From Human Augmentation to Machine Automation: AI as the engine driving new banking services

The Palazzo Mezzanotte is due to host the ABILab Forum 2019 on 28th and 29th March. Sponsored by the Agency for a Digital Italy and now having reached its 15th...


Mar 22, 2019

Almawave at the Customer Service Conference 2019

In recent years the way people interact has changed and evolved. To tackle an increasingly complex market landscape, businesses have invested in new technological drivers. Some companies have introduced advanced...


Mar 13, 2019

Ital-IA. The opportunities offered by artificial intelligence

AlmavivA and Almawave at the first national conference of the CINI “Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems” Laboratory, involving institutions, research centres and businesses, to share objectives and opportunities for development...


Dic 18, 2018

Artificial intelligence for the Customer Experience

A.I. applied to the elaboration of natural language, both written and spoken, opens up new opportunities. These opportunities will be illustrated at the Green Economy Report by Valeria Sandei, CEO...


Dic 05, 2018

Almawave at the G7 conference on artificial intelligence in Montreal

The CEO, Valeria Sandei, will attend the AI conference involving experts in artificial intelligence from the private and public sectors, civil society, the academic world and research institutes. Almawave will...


Nov 30, 2018

“Beyond the unknown, beyond the familiar, beyond the conventional”: AlmavivA and PerVoice partnering TEDxTrento

The sixth edition of the Trento TEDx is due to take place on 1st December 2018 In the spirit of “ideas that deserve to be shared”, the 5,000-plus TEDx events...


Nov 26, 2018

Pervoice technology for the City of Rome Board Meeting subtitling.

Pervoice technology for the City of Rome Board Meeting subtitling. From September 2018 for the next 24 meeting of the Board, the City of Rome will use PerVoice proprietary technology...


Nov 21, 2018

The 17th International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, Trento, 20th-23rd November 2018

Almawave presents its scientific paper “Transfer Learning for Industrial Application of Named Entity Recognition” at AI*IA 2018, the 17th International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, organized by,...


Nov 07, 2018

Artificial Intelligence: strategy, objectives, measurable results and responsibilities to fully exploit its “disruptive” potential.

Read the interview with Valeria Sandei, CEO of Almawave, on Artificial Intelligence can end up playing a decisive role in enhancing people’s lives, by generating shared and replicable experience....


Ott 30, 2018

Artificial intelligence: the future-proof ecosystem from AlmavivA-Almawave

Data prediction and skills provide advantages in the evolution of the health, industry, finance and smart city sectors. Text analysis and voice recognition act as stimuli for the improvement of...


Ott 15, 2018

Almawave and PerVoice partners of It’s All CRM & Contact

Focus on the Digital Customer Management Centre tomorrow in Milan Strategies, trends and technologies to acquire customers and make them loyal. The most successful experiences will be analysed tomorrow in...


Ott 08, 2018

Almawave do Brasil a winner at PrêmioABT 2018

08-10-2018 Values and innovation in Digital Customer Management awarded for Caixa Seguradora The Latin America Memorial in São Paulo, Brazil hosted the PrêmiABT 2018 awards ceremony. The award was received...


Giu 04, 2018

Valeria Sandei CEO of the Year for Innovation & Leadership

The Almawave CEO was named CEO of the Year for Innovation & Leadership, Innovative Customer Experience Solutions at the Fonti Awards. The event, organised by the Editorial Group with the...


Mag 14, 2018

Almawave attends Data Driven Innovation

14-05-2018 On 18th and 19th May, data scientists and industry experts discuss how the culture of data is changing our society and our economy. They will do so during Data...


Mag 07, 2018

“Inspire The Extraordinary”: AlmavivA and Almawave at the SAS FORUM 2018 – Milan, 15th May

07-05-2018 “Inspire The Extraordinary”: AlmavivA and Almawave at the SAS FORUM 2018 – Milan, 15th May Within the national framework of the Public Connectivity System, which defines technological infrastructures, rules...


Apr 13, 2018

Awarding CMMC 2018: Win Wind Tre and Groupama with solutions created in collaboration with Almawave

13-04-2018 CMMC 2018 Prize Ceremony: the solutions created together with Almawave triumph in the “Best Customer Management Technology” and “ChatBot & AI Customer Service” categories Yesterday evening the CMMC 2018...


Mar 14, 2018

“Road to Artificial Intelligence”. Almawave CEO Valeria Sandei attends the SAS event

14-03-2018 “Road to Artificial Intelligence”. Almawave CEO Valeria Sandei attends the SAS event Machine Learning is now making its way into the solutions controlling all company assets, both physical and virtual....


Feb 27, 2018

Conversational Platform & Natural Language Interactive Voice Response. Almawave attends the CMI Customer Service Conference

27-02-2018 Conversational Platform & Natural Language Interactive Voice Response. Almawave attends the CMI Customer Service Conference The Conference promoted by Customer Management Insights and dedicated to Customer Service is due...


Gen 15, 2018

Industry 4.0: on-field maintenance enters the era of artificial intelligence

A partnership agreement between Almawave and OverIT with integrated technologies to revolutionise the world of on-field interventions Rome, 15 January 2018 – Almawave and OverIT announce the stipulation of a...


Ott 05, 2017

Tourism 4.0: sharing, excellence and sustainability – the keywords of summer 2017

"digItalyExperience: tourism in Italy in the Big Data era", an Almawave social research project, has analysed the views of travellers in 18 million online conversations. Instagram overtakes Twitter and Campania...


Ago 08, 2017

Digital PA: the framework contract for portals, apps and online services gets under way

With the signing of the contract between the temporary association of companies (comprising AlmavivA, Almawave, Indra and PwC) and Consip, for a value of 450 million Euro in 5 years,...


Giu 22, 2017

The dawn of Wavebot, the alter ego that communicates using natural language

Almawave enriches the platform of multi-channel automatic comprehension of voice and textual interactions with the customer: the new functions were presented today at the CMI conference on “Speech & Text...


Apr 27, 2017

Public Connectivity System (SPC) Cloud tender, Batch 3: contract signed, portal operational

The agreement between Consip and the temporary association of companies – comprising AlmavivA, Almawave, Indra and PwC – has been signed. The operational phase is under way. The portal for...


Apr 12, 2017

Social media trends during Vinitaly. Chianti tops the rankings, with Franciacorta and Barolo, organic and veggy among the emerging trends

Sicily was the most mentioned Region and two of its wines were among the top ten that generated most interest. Chianti topped the rankings, followed by Franciacorta and Barolo. Wine...


Apr 10, 2017

Social media trends during Vinitaly. Sparkling wines dominate social media with China topping the rankings

A boom in social media conversations on Vinitaly 2017. China emerges as the most mentioned country; sparkling wines and Prosecco topple red wine, attracting most of the attention. These were...


Ott 06, 2016

Tourism in Italy in the Big Data era

We can no longer do without Wi-Fi. In the digital world, infrastructure is always one step behind users. Capri and Amalfi are the top mentioned locations in the Web. The...


Lug 14, 2016

Speech Analytics: Italian innovation rewarded

The Speech Analytics solution designed by Almawave and CEFRIEL has won the Innovation Trophee awarded by ENGIE, a global energy transition player Rome, 14 July 2016 – The Speech Analytics...


Giu 09, 2016

Telephone contracts: an algorithm protecting consumers and businesses

An innovation in the panorama of Speech Analytics, a brainchild of Almawave, for distance contracts: the public is protected from unsolicited supplies and everyone knows what he or she is...


Mar 14, 2016

Language Technologies: PerVoice, Almawave Group, at CeBIT with the EU selected project

At the most important worldwide ICT convention, the Company specialized in the development of speech recognition solutions presents the EU-Bridge platform chosen for its great potential and the innovative ability....


Set 29, 2015

Almawave selected by Sky Italia for voice analysis

The Iride Voice solution, for state-of-the-art Speech Analytics, set to improve the Media Company’s customer relations Rome - 29 September 2015 – The Iride Voice solution by Almawave, AlmavivA Group’s technology...


Apr 13, 2015

Almawave ranked among Italy’s ten most innovative and disruptive companies, recognised by MIT Review Italy

Rome, 13 April 2015 – Almawave, the technological innovation company of the AlmavivA Group, is listed among the ten leading Made in Italy companies that have revolutionised the market. The accolade...


Mar 15, 2015

Pope Francesco leaves his mark on Twitter

7.5 million tweets in 7 weeks: these are the statistics emerging from the Almawave of the AlmavivA Group study on the Pope and issues surrounding the Papacy. Every message from...


Ott 01, 2014

Almawave and Qlik sign an OEM agreement for an integrated Customer Interaction e Data Discovery solution

“Iride BI-Powered by QlikView” will be the ideal complement for Almawave Customers wishing to freely and deeply analyse their data to improve their Customer Experience Rome and Milan, 1 October...


Giu 27, 2014

Almawave: with the group stages completed, Twitter is abuzz with debate on the 2014 football World Cup

Over 71,000,000 tweets analysed in six different languages; well over 53 million in the group stages alone. The most talked about national squad is Argentina (16% of conversations). Italy is...


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