SAVE THE DATE: live online tomorrow afternoon at 4:00, the webinar on RicovAI: Almawave artificial intelligence at the service of Health Care in the fight against Covid. Conducted by Nicola Porro, with the participation of Valeria Sandei, Marco Mazzanti and Michele Caporossi.

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A leading Italian company in Artificial Intelligence, natural language analysis and Big Data services, Almawave introduced RicovAI-19 a few days ago, a project launched this week in the municipal territory of Offagna (AN), thanks to the collaboration between the Ancona Riuniti Hospital, Polytechnic University of the Marche, ASUR Marche and the companies Vivisol and Aditech. “Artificial Intelligence is ready to confirm its status as a strategic ally for our lives, especially in a context like our current one”, stated Almawave CEO, Valeria Sandei.

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