Almawave, a leading Italian company in Artificial Intelligence (AI), natural language analysis and Big Data services, introduces RicovAI-19, a project launched this week in the municipal territory of Offagna (AN), in collaboration with Ancona Ospedali Riuniti, Marche Politecnico University, ASUR Marche, and the companies Vivisol and Aditech. This is a pilot feasibility study (non-pharmacological interventional) and clinical experimentation in which Artificial Intelligence concretely supports patients, doctors and hospitals on multiple levels in the complex challenge of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and in prospective applicability to the diagnosis and prognosis of various other diseases.

“Artificial Intelligence is ready to confirm its status as a strategic ally for our lives, even more so in a setting like our current one”, said Valeria Sandei, Almawave Chief Executive Officer. “After years of efforts, research and investments in advanced technologies to apply in the health care area as well, we are pleased to be a fundamental part of concrete pilot clinical experimentation like RicovAI-19. Working side by side with our engineers and a health care professional like professor Marco Mazzanti, Scientific Director of the Study, allowed us to fine tune an innovative system, capable of perfectly integrating the evolutions of the scientific and technological world with the territorial health care needs. A sensor concretely detects multiple values in the symptomatic patient, such as body temperature, blood pressure and oxygen saturation. These are communicated to a special app. In real time, the Almawave AI engine interprets all the data and information, calculating the clinical stability indicator and making it available to the doctors, who are responsible for the clinical, treatment and assessment actions based on the needs of each individual patient. We are confident that in the near future, this model can be applied in multiple health care areas, providing an increasingly more strategic value at the service of citizens and doctors.”

To know more, watch the video.

Introducing RicovAI-19: Almawave Artificial Intelligence at the service of Healthcare in the fight against COVID


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