Almawave (Ticker: AIW), a company listed on the AIM market of the Italian Stock Exchange and an Italian leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), natural language analysis and Big Data services, was listed by analysts in Forrester’s Now Tech: Conversational Intelligence, Q2 2021 – Forrester’s Overview Of 41 Conversational Intelligence Providers, by Kjell Carlsson, PhD, Ian Jacobs with Daniel Hong, Hailey Colin, Madison Bakala, June 2021.

Conversation Intelligence solutions, in Forrester’s analysis, help understand the voice of the customer (and of the organization), monitor and prompt agents and managers on what to say and how to react in customer interactions at an operational level, and provide the right insight to drive more and better leads from a marketing point of view.

Vendors in the “pure-play” functionality segment, including Almawave, “integrate with your existing systems to add a new layer of conversational intelligence with more advanced, specialized, easier-to-use, and/or cheaper capabilities., Many also focus on use cases outside the contact center, including customer insight, competitive intelligence, sales, and marketing.”

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Read the press release: Almawave included among conversation intelligence providers


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