The power of natural language

Iride®: a complete and modular suite of products for customer centric strategy

Almawave innovative vision introduces, as a key driver, the easiest of all human “tools”: the natural language, the conversation. The power or words (text & voice) can lead to a new multi-channel (self & assisted), consistent and effective experience, and provide Management with a complete and correct vision of the “voice of the customer”.
+30 supported languages

Information governance

Advanced Text Classification

The platform enabling real-time, automated understanding, classification and routing of customer needs expressed in natural language over multi-contact channels.

Iride® Text Analytics offers support in contact request analysis, received call and message interpretation, speaker language recognition (the platform is based on semantic-ontological technology and 30+ supported languages), and real-time monitoring of operations flows, to ensure high-level customer engagement, information accuracy and business process optimization.


  • Improved performance in request classification
  • Agent training cost & time crunch
  • Productivity improvement
  • Engagement duration reduction
  • Real-time customer engagement monitoring & analysis
  • Semantic Business Intelligence over high quality information.
  • Correct multi-customer classification 95% 95%
  • Cost crunch & training time reduction 20% 20%
  • Operations improvement 25% 25%

Conversational IVR, Outbound, NL Survey

The natural language-based platform delivering a user-friendly experience for more efficient Customer Care services and high-quality performance levels. One single platform, several features: Conversational IVR, Outbound Campaigns, Natural Language Surveys.

Iride® Call is the omni-channel solution (voice, text, e-mail) enabling multi-language, natural language-based customer interactions, by implementing proprietary technology for voice analysis and customer intent understanding.


  • Real-time management of customer requests
  • Routing onto specific agent/skill for a prompter management of requests
  • Advanced voice understanding, intent matching and slot filling models
  • Voice of the customer understanding and customer feedback analysis
  • IVR configuration setup in a few steps
  • AI-based modelling for a faster setup and tune of conversational components
  • Minimum setup time and low costs for communication and survey campaign management
  • Easy-to-configure campaigns
  • Quick scale-up function on a volume-basis
  • More effective communication campaigns thanks to interaction performance monitoring
  • Conversion rate 70% 70%
  • Campaign automation 100% 100%
  • Optimized contact costs 35% 35%

Speech Analytics

The solution for voice-based content & process customer interaction (Contact Center) though the complete conversation acquisition (audio) and agent/customer interaction transcription, to achieve an exhaustive view of the «voice of the customer» and a customer experience of excellence.

Iride® uses the automatic voice recognition technology of a large vocabulary (ASR / LVCSR) from PerVoice to transform a phone call conversation into a textual document, improve the quality of information collected by Contact Center agents, and ensure real-time services quality monitoring.


  • Analysis of reason of contact

  • Real-time evaluation of customer satisfaction & service quality level

  • Information-of-interest-content identification

  • Interactive dashboard for analysis navigation

  • Business process improvement

  • Performance optimization.

  • Customer Satisfaction improvement 20% 20%
  • Conversion rate improvement 15% 15%
  • Retention rate reduction 25% 25%
  • Service quality improvement 15% 15%

Sales Process Analysis

The solution for Contact Center agent-based verbal order (recording of voice conversations regarding contract subscription and/or purchase) automation & optimization, to comply with regulations on contract subscriptions and exchanged information privacy protection.

Iride® Verbal Order enables cost & time crunch on voice-based contract subscription compliance check activities, as well as fast sales process management through automated check functionality, based on Speech Technology.


  • Homogeneous validation and fast, automated check of voice-based contracts

  • Process lifecycle governance

  • Constant performance & verbal order process management improvement.

  • VO re-listening time crunch 90% 90%
  • Critical Verbal Order identification 100% 100%
  • Governance improvement 35% 35%

Social Awareness & Insights

The platform for sentiment monitoring & insight collection by analyzing contents and hot topics available on the Web.

Iride® Aware retrieves information from different channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Feed RSS, Youtube, Instagram, Microblog, etc.), by analyzing contents (including metadata, such as: language, channel, location, etc.), and enabling the creation of insights useful to real-time topic-of-interest and brand, service, product, people, event-related hot trend monitoring.


  • Multi-channel brand reputation analysis
  • Real-time hot trend identification
  • Automated management of large volumes of data
  • Web interaction monitoring
  • Business process supporting information database enrichment
  • Dashboard with alert management functionality on trends & topics.
  • 360° multi-channel reputation understanding 100% 100%
  • Emerging trend precision identification improvement 35% 35%
  • Product & service sentiment improvement 25% 25%
  • Customer base enrichment 70% 70%

Smart interaction

Customer Service & Operations Management

The unified Front-End-based solution, with a user-friendly interface for fast agent access to requested information and improved Contact Center efficiency in multi-channel natural language-based customer request management.

Iride® ONE CM offers innovative graphic display functionalities for management operations, contact management dynamic content extraction, direct access to different applications for request sorting, real-time performance and data monitoring within the customer interaction process.


  • Unified management of channel interaction channel with automated access to useful information
  • Improved efficiency in multi-channel customer request management

  • Smaller training on management system required

  • Easier, more intuitive and effective activities for agents, through a fast, user-friendly and fully guided process.

  • Management time reduction 20% 20%
  • Service quality improved (one call resolution) 10% 10%
  • Training & learning curve reduction 30% 30%
  • Improved efficiency in multi-channel request attendance 15% 15%

Multi-channel Customer Engagement Management

The solution for multi-channel customer interaction management and the acquisition of multi-format information & structured/unstructured data retrieved from heterogeneous sources.

Iride® Channel Hub offers support to Contact Center agents in Front & Back-Office activity operations, by enabling cross-channel customer interaction. Integrated with Iride® Wavebot, a virtual customer agent for personalized customer engagement and natural language-based interaction, the solution manages multi-channel acquisition and information retrieval from external systems, content classification and semantic-ontological based analysis of extracted concepts and reasons of contact.


  • Contact Center management cost crunch

  • Improved efficiency and consistency of provided information

  • selection of best customer interaction management channel

  • Automated routing onto external systems (i.e.: goods&services sales/purchase).

  • Management time reduction 25% 25%
  • Improved efficiency & precision 20% 20%
  • Automated routing onto external systems 100% 100%

Chatbot & Natural Language IVR

The conversational platform for interactive multi-channel natural language-based customer interaction management, customer and employee virtual assistance & dialogue management.

Iride® Wavebot integrates with Contact Center operations, by managing customer interaction lifecycle with precise and accurate replies to customer requests, through innovative context and content understanding technology. Management processes are progressive, implemented in an «agile» process mode to ensure solution effectiveness and customer satisfaction.


  • Contact automation and operational effectiveness
  • Automated routing onto agents and external systems to ensure customer satisfaction
  • End-to-End customer request management
  • Efficient recall planning management.
  • Improved End-to-End management of requests 30% 30%
  • Contact automation & operations effectiveness 60% 60%
  • Improvement in recall planning 80% 80%

Information Search Optimization

A knowledge management engine enabling concept-base content navigation, with accurate fast execution answers through semantic-ontological analysis.

Iride® KM integrates with existing enterprise information management systems, maximizing investments and enriching already available tools with new features and enhanced functionalities.


  • Natural language-based multi & cross-language search, through concept, topic and entity navigation
  • Improved accuracy and quality in providing answers to queries

  • Decreased time of information search

  • Improved value in enterprise skills & expertise

  • Easy navigation through different format structured and unstructured data.

  • Management time reduction 10% 10%
  • Faster searches 60% 60%
  • Enterprise skill value improvement 80% 80%

Back-Office Operations Automation

The complete, modular and customizable solution for claim and notification recording, monitoring and routing from authorities and ruling organizations on consumer rights protection issues.

Iride® BKO offers real-time support to enterprises in effective and prompt End-to-End Management of notifications quality monitoring, through alert & monitoring tools, business-standard-based customized KPI’s, Back-Office operations simplifications of multi-channel customer interaction for a prompt claim solving.


  • Improved efficiency in event notification monitoring
  • Simultaneous multi-channel customer interaction management for an exhaustive social media engagement
  • Complete real-time monitoring of claim management processes
  • Interactive dashboards from real-time supervision of agent operations and business standard defined-based management time
  • Reporting system with detail and analytical vistas supporting decision-making processes.
  • Operations improvement 20% 20%
  • Improved efficiency in notification checks 30% 30%

Training Optimization Management

The best-of-breed technological platform for training optimization & management in customer engagement processes.

Iride® Trainer enables training & reskilling activities through a Web portal for training material management & content elaboration, as well as Contact Center agent performance evaluation, through operations & system management simulations. The platform provides with detail vistas of individual performance, exhaustive comparison analysis regarding team, agents, Third-Party resources.


  • Improved learning & skill acquisition curve
  • Training time & cost crunch
  • Improved efficiency in existing system & business process management
  • Improved KPIs on customer satisfaction, AHT, on-hold time, recall, etc.
  • Dashboard & reporting with analytic vistas on training mode & time, e-learning sessions, access rate & frequency, etc. per operational location, team/supervisor, etc.
  • Training time & trainer cost reduction 30% 30%
  • Learning curve improvement 40% 40%

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